Private First Class Dick Simmons 2.0 (suckitblues) wrote,
Private First Class Dick Simmons 2.0

You will require a bag of holding and a level 50 dark mage to complete this quest

Hey Grif, Orders from Command. They need you to go and get seven very important items to complete a magical quest to save the earth. If you find all seven they will let you go home. No more war! It's on the fridge.

I'm going to work. Don't try to burn the place down this time.

Twinkies do not go in the oven. especially with the plastic still on. Extra especially not still in the box of 24.

1. Mythical Puma
2. Spork of Destruction
3. Sniper Rifle Shells, unused, 10 boxes
4. Television set, HD, Widescreen, Wall-mount
5. Pineapple Grenade
6. Washing machine detergent - not bleach
7. Two single, hot desperate chicks
Tags: grif get off your lazy ass, lists, lolol grif, making grifs life miserable, when nerds get bored
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